at the FENG, DCHE, I am teaching three course namely;
1. Mathematical Modeling (MAM5519)
2. Laboratories IV (LAB5539)

Mathematical Modeling (MAM5519)
Stage: Third
Classroom:  F2H10
No. of Students: 60

Laboratories IV (LAB5539)
Stage: Fourth
Classroom: Unit Operation Lab 
No. of Students: 70

My Philosophy in Teaching
Inquisition is in the very nature of people and of course students as well. The goal of education must be to encourage seeking answers and solving problems, as it is in this way that we advance. I seek to facilitate this advancement of knowledge, and the main theme of my teaching philosophy is reasoned thought.

My goal is to encourage thinking in rational ways, so that this can be applied in other, unfamiliar situations. I particularly emphasize learning to think about trends and directions (e.g. increasing this will decrease that), rather than mere memorization of facts.

In order to further encourage seeking answers to the questions, I encourage the questions themselves and encourage using critical thinking while solving problems and give them the freedom to comment on problem results and answers and urge them to look for logical explanation and critiques.