At the FHSS, I am teaching three courses namely:
1. Commercial Law
2-  Public Finance


 1- Commercial Law
Stage: 2
Classroom: 1
No. of Students:30 A- 30 B

2- Public Finance
No.of student.30 A - 30 B

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

-This course in Principles of Accounts helps students to develop an understanding of a 
range of theoretical
and practical techniques used in accounting. It helps to develop skills that should enable them to
participate more effectively and responsibly in today’s business environment, to improve the management
of personal financial activities, such as, budgeting, savings and investment. In addition, this course prepares students for post-secondary and professional studies in accounting.
2-The purpose of national accounts is to provide a statistical overview of a country's economy. 
They make it possible to indicate the vitality of the economy and to study trends in economic 
activity. In addition, they permit analyses of the effects of economic and social policies by 
providing the appropriate data models. Indicators such as GDP, the balance of trade and the rate 
of inflation are the widely used results of this activity.