Academic Activities

  • I am the head of the Scientific committee of FSCH.
    I am working on developing connections with partners abroad for purpose of Split-site PhD projects.

    I have joined group of scientists from several Iraqi universities and out of Iraq universities for doing joint researches and publishing.

    I am maintaining close up to date of the nuclear models development, collecting and employing the software of these models such as IBM-1, IBM-2, IBM-3, IBFM-1,GCM and vibron model which make great software library in theoretical nuclear physics molecular physics,

    Still learning and enhancing my skill in computer and language of programming such as FORTRAN, MatLab and Mathmatica to satisfy my need in this field.

    I am supporting our students for MSc who are now abroad with their scientific problems, recommendations ....etc.

    ┘Źstarting from last year I am and my colleagues in the physics department; especially the members of Commission receipt machines in the Department of Physics have undertaken two major tasks: first to achieve the most successful and the receipt and processing of the inauguration and operation of the systems. This work has been successfully completed.

    The second task is to employ all scientific capabilities and technical expertise in the development of these systems in the process of working and use. And raise the level of capacity in the processing and analysis of the results and turn them into viable information for publication or in the service of scientific and industrial sectors. Or provide a database for the benefit of environmental protection institutions

    I am a co-supervisor of split -site PhD student (from physics dept. Koya university) with a partner ( Prof. Dr. Husin Wagiran from Universiti Teknologyi Malaysia) starting from 26/11/2013
    An ARO Reviewer ( see

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