At the FEDU, Arabic Department , I am teaching one course which is: 
1.Islamic literature
2- Andalusia Literature
3- Observation and Intenship

Course code: ISL8013
Stage: BA 
No. of Students: 27

Course code: ANL8024
Stage: BA 
No. of Students: 36

Course code:Observation and Intenship
Stage: BA 
No. of Students: 37

 My Philosophy in teaching

Since teaching is a mutual relationship between the teacher and his students, I believe that teaching at the university requires a strong love and devotion for the profession by all the teaching staff. They should dedicate their entire time for their students and make ready all the conditions and terms that would make this success.  It is obvious that the successful teacher is the one who can have his positive imprint on the mentality of his students, which will enable them to apply what they have learned in real life.
Accordingly, I believe that my duty at Koya university is to create the affective educational milieu through activating the aural and oral skills and also through exchange of ideas and dealing with others in a positive way. Besides, this can also be done through providing the right information which would arouse their awareness and competition, and also through implementing a group work in teaching. This helps in creating the team spirit and encouraging the potentials of the students. This can also help in creating the analytical and critical thinking, and posing questions that show that they are in the process of thinking. It can also help them to have a self-confidence through asking them to participate and present their ideas in public and in front of their students and taking their opinions in certain things in the class.
I do also believe that my students have certain responsibilities towards their teachers and their colleagues also. This can help in making them do their duties affectively.