At the FEDU, DXXX, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. phonetic  (   kou40203)
2.Terminology (8113)

Course code
Stage:  1th classe
Classroom:  (Hall no.  7,8)
No. of Students:   78

Course code
Stage  2thclasse
Classroom:   18
No. of Students: 36

Course code
Stage: xxx 
Classroom: xxxx
No. of Students: xx
My P
hilosophy in Teaching
   My Philosophy of teaching Kurdish  draws from My learning through My education and practice . My aim is to
help students and support them to be very active in order to get high level of Knowledge .
  I motivate students to think and have their opinion about different topics , by asking questions . and making the subject relevant for the students is of utmost importance and that constant communication is the best way to learn 
 Kurdish Lexicon and Terminology , other reference to enrich
 the Dictionary , explaining their role and characteristics one by one .