At the FSCH, DMAT, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. ODE (ODE6306)
2. PDE (PDE6312)

At FSCH, DPHY, I am teaching one course namely;
                                                   Differential Equation (DFE6209)

Course code
Stage: Second 
Classroom: MAT 2
No. of Students: 44

Course code
Stage: Third
Classroom: MAT 15
No. of Students: 49

Course code
Stage: Second
No. of Students: 46

My Philosophy in Teaching

I want to describe my philosophy of mathematics by starting with the most common question that usually students ask about, which is " Why do we need to learn\ teach mathematics ? ". Throughout my teaching experience, I think the most logical reason behind this kind of question is due to the ways that we depend on when we taught mathematics. We taught mathematics as cold, distant science with an endless list of formulas and seemingly no connections between topics. In order to getting students interested in learning mathematics teachers should understand that they are guiders and facilitators, not transfers of knowledge only. They should try to let students love and construct their own idea and knowledge about math. Finally from my perspective the best way for students to learn math is to do math.