At the FENG, DCEHE & DPET, I am teaching the following courses (2016-2017):

1. Academic debate ACC5300, 1st stage, DCHE. 
2. Laboratories II (Thermodynamic Lab Only) LAB5512, 2nd stage, DCHE. 
3. Natural Gas technology GPR55253rd stage, DCHE. 
4. Petroleum Refinery and Corrosion PRC5422, 3rd stage DPET. 
5. Numerical Analysis and Simulation NAS5531, 4th stage, DCHE. 
                                                  6. Corrosion Engineering PRC5422, 4th stage DCHE.
                                                  7. Undergraduate Graduation project RPJ5534, 4th stage, DCHE. 


Fields of Major Interest

  1. Natural gas Technology and Engineering.
  2. Drilling Engineering
  3. Academic debate
  4. Gas and Oil properties
  5. Process simulation
  6. Heat Transfer and Thermodynamic laboratory

Academic debate ACC5300
Stage: 1st stage DCHE
No. of Students:46. 

Laboratories II (Thermodynamic lab) LAB5512
Stage: 2nd stage DCHE
Classroom: Thermo Lab hall / New Building 
No. of Students: 52

Gas Technology
Stage: 3rd stage DCHE
Classroom: Gl3
No. of Students: 76

Numirical Analysis and Simulation NAS5531  
Stage 4th stage DCHE
Class room: Computer Lab (Nidal Al-Asadi Hall) 
No. of students: 57

Corrosion Engineering PRC5422
Stage 4th stage DCHE
Class room: F2H10
No. of students: 57

Petroleum Refinery and Corrosion PRC5422
3rd stage DPET
Class F1H4
No. of Students 70

Philosophy in Teaching & Approach:
I am quite committed to teaching and I believe that educating others is a responsibility that should be taken earnestly. I believe that all students possess the ability to be successful. However, they merely require someone to improve their potential abilities. Therefore, I always encourage the students to be quite active during my lectures and gain good marks at the end of the academic year. I always expect the best from every individual student that steps into my class. I believe that students become more engaged and learn more through active learning materials for example, technical reports and academic videos. I also believe that the utilizing of new technical equipment for instance, smartboard, ppt slides and projectors are quite helpful for the tutors & students as well to reach the expected teaching objectives.