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In this website you can see all information and documents collected on my academic progress, contribution and achievements during the academic year. 

Name: Rebin Azad Omer
Degree: M.Sc.
Title: Assistant Lecturer
Position:Biology  department
Department/School/Faculty: Science/health/FSCH
University: Koya University
E-mail: rebin.azad@koyauniversity.org
Mobile: (+964)-07510542992
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My name is Rebin Azad Omer, i was born in september 1980, I have received my degree in primary school at 1991-1992 and my degree at secondary school at 1994-1995 and my degree in high school at 1999-2000, also I have gained the bachelor degree in Salahaddin university / college of agriculture / animal and fish production department at 2004-2005, also i have gained the master degree in animal and fish production in alexandria university /Egypt at 2014.