At the FEDU, Department of English Language, I am teaching Two courses namely;
1. Academic Debate: ACD6500/
2. Language and Culture: LAC8713/

I also teach Academic English at another department, namely, department of Kurdish language.
3. Academic English (ACE7500)

Academic Debate: (ACD6500)
Stage: 1st year class
Classroom:  (Hall no.: 20)
No. of Students: 30

Language and Culture: (LAC8713)
Stage:Second year classes
Classroom: A & B
No. of Students: 65
Academic English: (ACE7500)
classroom: 1st year
No. of students: 60
Kurdish Language Department

My Phiosophy in Teaching:

I give credence to the fact that 2nd language teaching should be based on pure dynamism on the part of the teacher and learning should be undertaken through undiluted and straightforward endeavor on the part of the learner.

Teachers must bring forth student-cetenred actitvites, assignments, tasks, and materials into the syllubi in order to maintain a communicative, (take-out & take-in) oriented learning milieu.