My Teaching Philosophy 

My passion for teaching languages stems from this saying: “to have another language is to possess a second soul.” A language serves as a bridge for communication between individuals, communities, and nations. Therefore, I have always loved to see my students empowered by learning and speaking a second language. For me, teaching is a way to build a global citizen who is able and willing to reach out to other people of different background and nationalities. This is mainly achieved when students reach a threshold of communicative competence and intercultural awareness, two main components of successful language learners. In all of my teaching experience, I've tried to keep two things in mind: first, that although coverage of material is crucial, it's more important to teach students skills than things, and secondly, that students learn skills best through an interactive teaching style that demands their participation and challenges their abilities. So my teaching philosophy is represented in the following points:

1) I'm going to facilitate Arabic for my students and enhance their abilities to express themselves by simplifying the difficulties they face.

2) Create motivation among students.

3) I will encourage my students to participate in the class and make sure that each student has a chance to participate. Participation within the classroom can reveal levels of student proficiency. If I notice any weak points among my students, I will not hesitate to explain the subject again and again to avoid this weakness or to clarify this ambiguity.

Courses I am teaching:

Course code (MOR8011)
Classroom: 3
No. of Students:22


Course code(RHE8030)
Stage:3 group (A, and B)

Classroom: 2
No. of Students: 40
Course Module Website
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