Academic Profile

Dr.-Ing. Rastee D. Ali (Koyee)

Director of Career Development Director and Senior Lecturer at the Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
(+964) - 7736982884
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography

The story of my academic career began three years after being graduated at Mechanical Engineering Department- University of Salahaddin in 2004. I was fortunate in accomplishing my MSc. degree in Manufacturing Engineering with exceptional performance. Thereafter, I have joined the newly established Koya University in 2006 and commenced my duty as assistant lecturer at Petroleum Engineering Department. While I lectured many different subjects at different engineering departments, I published many local researches and scientifically promoted to the "Lecturer" title.

The turning point in my academic career was the winning of German Scholarship (DAAD) for the sake of further scientific promotion in 2010. During my stay in Germany, I successfully accomplished my Dr.-Ing. degree, published many researches, addressed some conferences, presented many seminars, developed my German language skill and integrated to the outstanding German society of engineering professions. 

Research Interests
Entrepreneurship in Makerspace Context
Digitization and Industrie 4.0
Machine Tools and Manufacturing Processes
Metaheuristic Optimization
Numerical Modelling
Multi-Criteria Decision Analyses
Artificial Intelligence
Stainless Steel
Additive Manufacturing
Smart Factories

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