Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Rastee D. Ali (Koyee). I am:

I am a compassionate manufacturing engineer, university lecturer, academic director and entrepreneurship trainer. While I was pursuing my Doctorate Degree in Germany (2011-2015), I was actively engaged in scientific activities and publications. This has been justified by final grade of my Dr.-Ing. degree as "Excellent".

Since I returned from Germany in 2015, and owing to the volatile situation in Iraq and the subsequent problem of millions of Syrian and Internally-Displaced Refugees added to the inherent unemployment problem among university graduates, I switched all my efforts into coupling my technical and economic backgrounds in order to invent new schemes of a sustainable economic and humanitarian intervention in Iraq, namely: Manufacturing for Humanity and Entrepreneurial University. That's why, in addition to my academic responsibilities at Koya University, I worked with many International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) to fight unemployment among youth, especially among women.

The inception of my serious contribution in tackling the employability among people of Kurdistan started when I have been assigned as consultant for conducting a survey and propose solution by the Kurdistan Regional Government back in 2009. From this turning point up to this moment I am actively engaged in every aspect of analyzing the situation and provide solutions.

As an example of my dedication and just few months ago, I finished the trainings of 20 trainers from FRC and IRCS organizations. In the last year, I have been assigned as Entrepreneurship Development Trainer and Coordinator by United Nations Industrial Development Organization to train 61 disadvantaged Syrian refugees, IDPs and host community small business owners.

Another example of my dedication; I have also participated in 83 seminars this year in Germany alone. The seminars were mostly about Startups, Digitization and Eco-preneurship businesses. I have also been involved with Field Ready for Cottage Industry concept, Save the Children for proof of concept on helping women in refugees’ camps to establish a business on transparent soap embedded with toys made by 3D-Printing in Duhok; the foundation of Fabrication Labs in Erbil and Training of the Trainers on 3D Printing Technologies; and active participation in Solid Waste Management seminars in Germany in 2017 with almost 15 ideas on how to tackle unemployment through Eco-preneurship.

I am about to finish Training of Unemployed Young Women on Soap and Sanitizer Production and Entrepreneurship Skills to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic in Koya, with GIZ.

Summarizing all the efforts that I have invested and still investing in my career, I can point out the following accomplishments that make me stand out from peers of similar career point as follow:

                 Training of Unemployed Young Women on Soap and Sanitizer Production and Entrepreneurship Skills to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic

                 Enhancing youth employability among Syrian refugees, internally displaced persons and host communities in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

                 Rehabilitation of Koya Carpet Factory: Installation of a Wool-Yarn Production Line and Training of 120 Women for Sustainable Operation

                 Small business development in Kurdistan Region-Iraq: An approach to reduce unemployment and fight poverty among disadvantaged women in rural and semi-urban areas in partnership with GIZ

                 Development of the Green University Concept with Siemens AG

                 Development and Establishment of the first Fabrication Lab (FAB-LAB) in Iraq

                 Development of the Concept of City Lab in Iraq

                 Application of 45 Small Business Ideas for Young Women Living in Semi-Urban and Rural Areas

                 Mastering the Project: Acceleration of transitions from academic to professional roles in Kurdistan Region-Iraq

                 Enhancing Technical and Vocation-Al Education Among Young Females beyond The Governorate Centers in Kurdistan Region-Iraq

                 Transform Iraq: A showcase of creative solutions that help Iraq to find simple solutions for big problems

                 On the Road to Become an Entrepreneurial University

                 Promoting Sister-City Agreements between Kurdistan's major cities and peer cities worldwide. 

e-mail: rastee.ali@koyauniversity.org; rasteedelshad@yahoo.com
Mobile: (+964)7736982884