At the FENG, DPTE, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Enhanced Oil Recovery (PETE406)
2. Reservoir Simulation (PETE404)
3. Academic Debates (PETE108)

Stage: Fourth 
Classroom: Classroom F1H1
No. of Students: 41

Stage: Fourth 
Classroom F1H2
No. of Students: 41

Stage: First 
Classroom F1H4
No. of Students: 49
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

Petroleum Engineering is not like other several engineering departments. Most of this department alumni are working or seeking for a career with the oil companies. Hence, we need for fresh engineers that can satisfy the petroleum industry requirements and criteria.
I tend to through my teaching at this department to link the scientific theories and practical issues. I do believe that understanding the phenomenon theory will help to analyse it in reality. I always displaying the concept of the topic and investigating for its update. The recent studies is an important way to enrich the topic and expand the understanding scope. Practical results are also needed to support the theories and analyse the mechanisms. Field application results and real cases are necessary to be employed for clear picture.
Moreover; I focus on keeping pace with the evolution in the world of technology in petroleum engineering through the use of related programs and that would raise the consciousness and interest of the student which makes him a worthy candidate for oil companies.