At the FENG, Department of Civil Engineering, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. Concrete Technology (KOU20236)
  1. . Academic Debate (ACD6500)
3. Academic English (KOU20215)

Stage: 2nd
Classroom: F2H5 and Concrete Lab.
No. of Students: 33

Stage: 1st
Cassromm: F2H8
No. of students: 25

Stage: 1st 
Classroom: F2H8
No. of Students: 37

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

  • The best learning occurs when students feel it has a purpose,it is my challenge to make what i am teaching relevant and applicable to my students interest.
  • Effective learning requires a collaboration between teacher and students based on mutual respect and trust.
  • Encouraging students in researching their own practices and objectives.
  • Good teaching is one fourth preparation and three forth theater. (Gail Godwin 1937).