Academic Profile

Dr.Peshraw Sammad Towfiq
A Lecture - Geographic  Population
Koya - Kurdistan Region - F.R. Iraq

Outline Biography
Lecturer at the University of Koya, I work in the Department of Geography in the College of Education, got a master's degree from the University of Koya in 2009 and then completed aPHD study at the University of Aliksendar in Egypt in 2015, and now I'm lacturer in the Department of Geography.
I work to raise the scientific level of the students in order to get a good generation, through an emphasis on the use of modern teaching methods in the educational process and rely on modern technologies, and an attempt to link the university community, work Tabiqi and find the job market.

Research Interests
  • Human Geography
  • Urban Geography
  • Morphology Geography
  • Population Geography

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