At Koya university department of History, I am teaching two courses namely;
History of the Greek and Roman
History of the Greek and Roman
History of the Greek and Roman
History of the Greek and Roman
  1-History of the Greek and Roman       (

2- Optional subject (OPS8226)

   1History of the Greek and Roman       (HGR8204)

Stage: third year 
Classroom: 23, 18 and
No. of Students: 30 and 28 

Optional subject ( (OPS8226)
Classroom: 23 and 
No. of Students:5

My P
hiosophy in Teaching
     my philosophy of teaching system of education like all ther systems is seen in our society. it should be developed on base of acorrect, reliable and trustworthy way Education is abilateral process between teacher and his students .      that is why profession of teaching requires a great deal of desire and enthusiasm from the teacher to achieve his duty in aproper way. the reason of asucessful way in teaching is a good understanding between teacher and students. becouse teaching process in university is not only e right waproviding students with sience. it is also educated them in order they manage to find and choose the right way for a bright future and happy life.Teachinghoul process should be achived by a capable teacher withnt aspecific aim.Iam always try to pass on the subject to my students in asimple way and less time in order Iwill be able to control my subject.