Research & Supervision

My Research :The historyan Ameen Zaky is one of the most famous Kurdish historians whose books have agreat valuable scientific importance in the Kurdish history .Further than that ,they are oistorriginal sorces of the historic research about the ancient, middle, and modern history .The researchers and historyians have taken great advantages of them and thus ,they cannot ignore them.The main purpose of this reserch emerges in these two points:first: the critical approach to the Muhammed Ameen Zaky writings about the Kurds in Abbasid. Ages according to the book (Khlasayake Tarikhy Kurd u Kurdistan) and demonstraincg the mistakes in the result of cpmparing and mulling over the historians writing texts whith his consulted source texts. second: showing the historians method in his writings and used cources, as well as the most special outstanding ountenaces in his book . the research has been divided in to four chspters: the first chapter specialized to introducing Muhammed Ameen Zaky and demonstrating all of the writers personal aspecrs.second chapter,is attempting to point out the mistakes in the historyan historic .three is specialized to evaluate Ameen Zakys writings which include four sections .chapter four:ageneral evaluation of ameen zaky and his works has been presented in three sections>