Academic Profile

MA. Parez Akram Omar 
Assistant Lecturer  of medieval history of Islam
(+964) - 07501045129
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

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my name is parez akram omar date of birth 1982 . I finished my stuies of primary ,intermidote and secondry scool in koya. Iam graduated of university of sulaimania, college of education department of histoty in 2005 with second dgree. Iam holding master dgree in 2013 I was appointed as an instructor in koya faculty of Education. I teach history of Abbasi state and optionalsubject. 

Research Interests
1-Islamic history
2- history of Abbasi state
3-subjects in cluding relatercd to the method of historical research. 
4-History of Mongols and Mamlukes

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