At the FHSS, DENG, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Database system (code)
2. Cryptography and network security(code)
3. Distributed Database  (code)
4.Introduction to the computer

Course code DBS5318
Stage: 3
Classroom: xxxx (Hall no.)
No. of Students: xx

Course code 
Stage: 4 
Classroom: xxxx
No. of Students: xx

Course code ACC5300
Stage: xxx 
Classroom: xxxx
No. of Students: xx
My P
hiosophy in Teaching
In database  teaching the student's the introduction to the  Database and  how  convert text to ER diagram and EER diagram using  some models  and convert the ER 
Digram and 
EER Diagram to relation and teaching the student's how to determine the primary key and foreign key.  after that teaching the students how use relational algebra and SQL to retrieve data. Modify data.
in security teaching the student' introduction to the Network security after that  teaching many  techniques for encryption and decryption

How database are distributed and how to retrieve information from many databases . using SQL.

explain to the students computer parts and other components operating system in general and internet application virus and Antivirus.