Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Omeed Kamal Khorsheed I am Lecturer with a Master degree in Computer Information System, teaching in the Faculty of engineering s\w engineering Dep and in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Koya University in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq

ORCID 0000-0001-8203-2804
Publications: x Books of engineeri+ x Journal Articles +x Conf. papers
h-index: x
Mobile: (+964) - ineering 07702242092
My Portfolio & CAD (PF&CAD) (Hyperlink)
I teach several topics at my faculty, i.e.
1. Database System
2. Cryptography and network security
3. Distributed Database
4.introduction to the computer  

My research interests focus on;
1. information Hiding .
2. image processing
3. Navigation system
4, wireless network
5. cloud computing 

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