At the FSCH, Department in physics, Koya university, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Course 1 title (ELC6216) Electronics (ELC6216)
2. Course 2 title (PEL6221) Practical Electronics (PEL6221)
3. Course 3, Course of Master(second semester ( Special Topic /Natural Radioactivity and Dose Assessment)

Course code Radiation Physics (Theory): RPH6227
Stage: Four 
Hall Phys.4
No. of Students: 40

Course code 
Electronics(Theory): ELC6216
Stage: Three 
Hall Phys.4 and
No. of Students: 36

Course code Electronic Lap (PRACTICALPEL) PEL6221
Stage: Three groups  (3A, 3B)
Classroom: Electronic 
Lab. Hall
No. of Students: 36

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

 I am very committed to providing a learning environment that is both exciting and rigorous, one that empowers both student and teacher in pursuing learning. I devise various assessment strategies that allows me to fairly assess student learning regardless of the student's learning styles. Above all, I treat my students with the utmost respect, creating an environment where students feel safe to candidly discuss topics which they might otherwise be hesitant to address. For all my classes, regardless of size, I pride myself on learning the names of all my students and treating each student as an individual. Students reward my commitment to them by committing themselves to the class as a whole as well as to the furtherance of their own education.