At the FENG, DCEN, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. Strength of Materials (STM5213)
2. Structures Analysis ( SAN5116)

Strength of Materials (STM5213)
Stage: Second
Classroom: F2H5
No. of Students: 39

Structures Analysis (SAN5116)
Stage: Third 
Classroom: F1H7
No. of Students: 40

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

Each lecturer has his own method of teaching depending on how much experience he has. My own strategy of teaching aims at developing and encouraging students to be active participants in the class. the lesson starts with asking students different questions related to the previous lecture in an attempt to link it with the current lecture. Then, I try to make students interest in the lesson by showing them some photos or diagrams using the data show. Later I give the floor to students to ask any question comes to their mind and would like to enquire about. At the end, I conclude the lecture by summarizing it via asking students various question related to the present lecture and give them Homework