At the FENG, DCHE and DPETE, I am teaching two courses namely;
1. Fluid Mechanics (CHE201)
2. Natural Gas Engineering (PETE 405 ) 

Fluid Mechanics(CHE201)
Stage: 2nd  
Classroom: F2H10
No. of Students: 60

Natural Gas Engineering (PETE405)
Stage: 4th 
Classroom: FIH3
No. of Students: 35


My Phiosophy in Teaching 
  •  I believe that knowledge of the lecturer; his attitude and personality could positively influence the teaching and the learning outcome if he is well prepared. 
  • Trying to explain and describe things clearly. It is also very important that students know what they expect to learn on successful completion of the course (i.e. objectives to be announced clearly). 
  • Keeping students attention in the class rooms by: i) introducing visual aids e.g. slides, charts graphs and films. ii) Asking questions iii) having students solve problems individually.