Research & Supervision

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 Supervision of MSc.

1.      “Methods of solving some Fredholm’s second kind integral equations” Nuha H. Yacoub, 24/9/2000.


2.      “The solutions methods for some Fredholm integral equations arising from boundary value problems” Iedan E. Mustafa, 22/2/2005.


3.      “Solutions for some Volterra integral equations with singular kernels” kheradeen H. Mustafa, 26/3/2005.


4.      “Study of some non linear integral equations of second kind using singular kernel” Janan Hana Shaba, 2/4/2006.


5.      “Approximation method for solving certain Fredholm integral equations of the second kind” Sarbaz Hamza Abdulla, 23/10/2008.


6.      “ Some analytic methods for solving singular integral equations” Nawzad Mohammad Amin Ahmad, 14/4/2011.

7. Center Bifurcations of Periodic Orbits for a Quadratic System Obtained from a Scalar Third-Order Differential Equation” Surma Hamad Ibrahim, 24/12/2019.