Welcome to my Academic Profile page. My name is Mr. Mariwan Mirhaj MohamedSalih. I am, currently, a PhD student at Salahaddin University and one of academic staff of the Civil Engineering Department in the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University in Kurdistan Region, F.R. Iraq. Meanwhile, I have experience of three years in teaching and also working part-time as an office engineer in the Presidency of Koya University/ Project's Department.

My bachelor's degree: 
BSc in Building Construction, Sulaimani University, KRG/ Iraq, 1997- 2001. 
My Master's degree: 
MSc in Structural Engineering, Sheffield University, UK, 2013-2014. 
Ph.D. Study: 
01-10-2017 to 01-10-2021

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  • e-mail: mariwan.mirhaj@koyauniversity.org
  • Mobile: (+964) - 7701537358

Mariwan Mirhaj M.Salih
Updted (27/4/2020)

  • My Ph.D. modules were: 
  1. Advanced Concrete Technology (Theo. + Exp.) 
  2. Composite Materials
  3. Finite Element Applications using ANSYS Mechanical APDL 
  4. Prestress Concrete Bridges & Simulations with CSI Bridge Software
  5. Research Methodology
  • My Ph.D. Research is about:
    "Behavior of FRP-reinforced HSC Concrete Box Girders under combined Torsion, Shear and Flexure" 

  • My MSc modules were:
  1. Linear Systems and Structural Analysis
  2. Structural Dynamics
  3. Structural Design
  4. Computational Structural Analysis
  5. Introduction to Earthquake Engineering
  6. Geo-technical Design
  7. Advanced Concrete Design
  8. Design of Structural Steel Frames
  9. Structural Analysis and Design for Fire
  10. FRP Composites in Construction
  11. Design Project
  12. Dissertation Planning
  13. Dissertation: "The Environmental Impacts of Using Different Building Materials and Methods of Construction: By Comparing Kurdistan with the UK"

    • (2019-2020): STAAD Pro. [4th stage/ DCEN], Mechanics of Materials [3rd stage/ DPTE].
    • (2018-2019): Academic English [1st stage/ DCEN] + Foundation Engineering [4th Stage/ DCEN].
    • (2017-2018): Computer Applications [1st stage/ DCEN]. 
    • (2016-2017):
    • 1. Methods of Construction and Estimation (Theo.), Course Code: MEC5132 & MES5131, 4th Stage/ Civil Engineering Dept.
      2. Mechanics of Materials (Theo./pract.), Course Code: MCM5110, 2nd Stage, Civil Engineering Department.
      3.  Strength of Materials (Theo.), Course Code: STM523, 2nd Stage, Geotechnical Engineering Department.
      4. Quantity Surveying & Geotechnical Drawing, Course Code: QTS5234, 4th Stage, Geotechnical Engineering Department. [at the end of 2nd Semester]
    • (2015-2016): 1. Water Supply and Sewerage, WSS5128, 4th Stage. First Semester (At the Department of Civil Engineering)
    2. Foundation Engineering, FEN5127, 4th Stage
                          Second Semester
             (At the Department of Civil Engineering)
    3. A Graduation Project (4th Stage)
             (At the Department of Civil Engineering)
    4. Quantity Survey, QTS5234, 4th Stage.
             (At the Department of Geotechnical Engineering)
    5. Concrete Design, STR5023, 3rd Stage.
             (At the Department of Architectural Engineering