Academic Activities

We have made several field visits
1- First visit to Arbil Castle

2- The second visit to the school of Shuwaifat in Erbil

3 - Third visit to the White Mosque in Aqra / Duhok

We participated in a scientific competition held every year at Tishk University in Erbil and we got third place

Our Current Challenge for the 4th Year Students.. Designing a Camp of 300 Refugees in Koya City.. The study of this project started in February 2016.
An Excursion was a part of this study to regular and irregular Refugees Camps in Koya and Erbil.. This excursion included also a visit to Erbil Citadel and Al-Mudhafariya Minaret in Erbil.

  • I am a lecturer in (Koya University - Faculty of Engineering- Architectural Engineering Department).
  • I published four papers :
  • In the fourth international Conference on Koya on the road of  civilization,Kurdistan               region ,Iraq,1-3 April,2019 "The Impact of Using Local Traditional Building Materials in Reducing Energy  Consuming in Residential Units of Koya: Comparison study of traditional and contemporary building materials that are used in building residential units in Koya"
  • 1-In the First Jordanian-International Conference on Architecture and Design about ( Passive Design to Conserve Energy in Educational Halls  at University of Koya.)  .2- In fifth International Conference on Industrial and 
  • Operation Management about( Silica on Biological Properties of Mortar).
  • Teaching practical subjects like: (Architectural Design )
  • Teaching Theoritical subjects like: (Islamic Architectural).
  • Supervising Graduation Projects
  • I am responsible TQA in department.
    I participated in several committees such as: 
  1. Committee A_KoyaU.1-4-2019
  • I participated in F.A.Training -course-koyauni.-2-12-2015
  • I participated in several workshop.

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 I participated in several committees such as:
  1. I participate as a Jury Member in event of "4th"National Contest in Engineering"(NICE2018) Which was held by TIU university.  

   I participated in several workshop.
   I participated in Science exhibition.
   I participated in several Scientific traveling 
   I participated in Global Conference .