At the FENG, DARC, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Course 1 principles of art and architecture (PAA5003).
2. Course 2 architectural design II (ARD5008).
3. Course 3 design strategies (SWD5018).

Course 1 (AE103)
Stage: First
Classroom: F1H10
No. of Students: 32.

Course 2 (AE201)
Stage: Second 
Classroom: F1DH2
No. of Students: 24.

Course 3 (AE303)
Stage: Third
Classroom: F1H10
No. of Students: 21.

My P
hilosophy in Teaching

Teaching is not easy at all, it's about how to deal with different levels of students considering the scientific side and ethics side in the same time,  so I care to innovate and incorporate sophisticated concepts in a classroom, and how my students reacted to those innovations and concepts, also to help them how to think with wide imagination which is in touch with their studies.
I believe that student can not understand academic subject without giving him attention by using different tools to make him more interesting and active in the class for raising up his skills, so it will be achieved with participation of students with reports, researches and activities of models making to understand the nature of their work in the future, so my philosophy in teaching depends on encourage my students to deal with the variety of different subjects with open mind and wide imagination, so it is not about representing lectures for them only, it's about making competition between them, considering theoretical and practical sides, making students close to their specialty, seeking to develop themselves and learn more and more.