Academic Profile

Mrs. Lynour S. Rafo
I have Master in Architectural Engineering (Environment and Technology).
(+964) - 07709286400
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
Mrs. Lynour graduated from Baghdad University.Received her B.Sc. degree in Architectural Engineering,Baghdad, Iraq (2005), M.Sc. degree in Architectural engineering (Environment and Technology), Baghdad, Iraq (2007).Mrs. Lynour joined the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of architectural engineering (2011- 2012). Recently she is a coordinator of the Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA) at architectural department and teacher in the same department.
She started her academic teaching in 2007 when she joined the work at university of Baghdad, as an Assistant Lecturer in the department of Architecture. In 2009 she joined Mansour university at Communication engineering department, Baghdad, as assistant lecturer (external lecturer), beside the work at Baghdad University, she joined conferences, exhibitions, work shops, festivals and arranged for them.

Research Interests
My research interests focus on;
1. Solar energy and housing design.
2. Integrated facilities.
2. Basic visual concept and principles.
3. Principles of design in architecture.
4. Ecological design.
5. Logic in architecture.
6. How designer think.
7.Design strategies in architecture.
8. Elements of design.