Academic Profile

Assit Prof. Dr.Luqman. W. Omer.
 Assistance Professor of physical geography
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
Luqman is an  Assistant Professor of geography of Climate Change & Geography of tourism  in the Department of geography, where he joined the work at Koya University since 2006. Before that he was a teacher in he Ministry of Educationthe.
He earned a Bachelor degree in geography from the University of Salahaddin in 1996, and also earned a master's degree in geography from the University of Koya in 2006.
He also obtained a PhD at the University of Koya also in 2013.
Began his academic teaching in 2006 when he joined the work at the University of Koya, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan, as an Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Humanities - Rania, and then move to the Faculty of Social Sciences in Koya Qzae during the year 2007, and then took the post of prime section in the Department of geography of the Faculty of social Sciences since 2008 to the year 2009 and then presented to the doctoral and before 14/11/2009 year ago and so far however reminded continued to work teaching at the University of Koya. After completing a phD took over as head of the department for the second timefrom 2013 until 2015 And after that he served as coordinator of the University Council until now .
Research Interests
1. A book entitled Principles of geographical tourist in 2009.
Researcher his search on the importance of tourism in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan province and published in the Journal of the University of Koya
3.Has published research in the Journal of the University of Koya and search least participated in a conference about environment Held in Antalya .
4. Search has accepted to participate in the first conference of geography at the University of Dohuk entitled (geographical analysis of the phenomenon of (recurring drought) using the statistical precipitation Index)
5. Search (climate Mountains region of Iraqi Kurdistan) 
6. Determining suitable climatic conditions for tourist activities in the Aqra area
7.Trends in temperature change in the Sinjar area
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