Windows 8

How do you enable Windows 8 for writing in Kurdish?

Windows 8 is the first Microsoft Operative System (OS) that come with support for writing in Kurdish. This comes under label Central Kurdish (کوردی ناوەڕاست). Although this labelling is wrong for writing in Kurdish Arabic script as it has been / is used for writing in Kurdish in all dialects. We have forwarded our concern to Microsoft Company and asked them to just label it as (کوردی).

To enable Kurdish writing in Windows 8 follow these steps, 

1. Go to Windows 8 Control Panel
2. Go to Clock, Language and Region Setting

3. Go to Language

4. Go to Add a Language option

5. Go and Select (Central Kurdish) under listing (C) and then click Add

6. Now you should add (Central Kurdish) added to your list of supported language to write. 

7. You will see KUR ()on your Keyboard and Language panel down right side of your screen now. 

8. Below you will see such a Keyboard layout by Windows 8 language support for Kurdish language writing with Arabic scripts

بە کوردی