Karzan Jalal Saadoon

Received his B.Sc. degree in Architecture Engineering,
Koya, Iraq/ Kurdistan  (2010), M.Sc. degree in landscape architecture 2015 in Anhalt University Germany,
I  joined the the Faculty of Engineering at Koya University as a Assistant Researcher  in the department of Architecture  engineering. In the Academic year 2010-2011, After 
I finished my master degree I became the staff of architecture department in architecture department . Presently, I'm working in architecture department faculty of ENG/ Koya university.

Name: Karzan Jalal Saadoon
Degree: Master degree in Landscape Architecture (MLA)
Title: Assistant Lecture 

Position: Lecturer at Koya university Architecture department 

Department/Faculty: DARE/FENG

University: Koya University

E-mail: Karzan.saadoon@koyauniversity.org
Mobile: (+964)-7707770943

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