Academic Profile

Dr. Kameran M. Jalal
Instructor of Ancient History
(+964) - 7501186377
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
Name: Kameran M.Jalal Majeed
Birth place: Kirkuk
Birthday: Month/ day/ 1973
1. Academic achievements:
A. In 1990, I graduated from Hawler Preparatory Trade
B. In 1993, I graduated from high school.
C. I obtained my BA in History in 1997 at the Department
of History/ College of Arts/ Salahaddin University
D. I Four years teaching experience in secondary and high
schools at the Ministry of Education.
E. In 2004, I Obtained MA in History at the Department of
History/Sulaymaniyah University. My dissertation title
was ‘Nuzi in the second millennium BC’.
F. Since 2004, I have been working as lecturer in Ancient
History at the Department of History/ Koya University.
G. In 2010, I Obtained Phd in the Philosophy of Ancient
History. My thesis title was ‘Sasanian- Roman Conflict
over the Upper Mesopotamia, A Political Study’.
2. Experience. As part of my teaching, I taught several topics
in this Department, such as, The Ancient History of
Kurdistan, The Ancient History of Mesopotamia and
Iran, The History of Egypt During the Pharaoh Period,
Classical History of Greece and Roman and The History
Sassanid and byzantine. I also taught The Philosophy of
History for a year. Furthermore, I also taught several
topics at the Universities of Sulaymaniyah and Raparen.
3. Publciations.
A. My MA Dissertation is published under title of ‘The
Ancient History of Kirkuk’.
B. My Phd thesis ‘Sasanian- Roman Conflict over the Upper
Mesopotamia, A Political Study’ is in the process of being
C. Preparing for two books to be published:
1. The Ancient History of Kurdistan
2. The Sasanian Empire
D. research published:
1. ‘The Condition of Slaves in Arrapkhe’  in Koya University Journal, No. 21, 2o11.
2. Adiaban's site and its impact on the political and Cultural changes, in: Journal of Raparin University, 4--2015.
3.The power struggle in the Sasanian State, KAJ-B, 2-2015.

Research Interests
Kurdish ancient Culture and History, Sassanian Culture, Ancient Mesopostamian Civilization...

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