At the FEDU, DREL, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Ethics ETH8403
2. Al-aqidah  ISD8411
3. Al-aqidahISD8419
4. Ahadith al-ahkam LEH8429

Course code ETH8403
Stage: 1.  
Classroom: 2 (Hall no.)
No. of Students: 50

Course code 
Stage: 2. 
Classroom: 3
No. of Students:40

Course code ISD8419
Stage: 3. 
Classroom: 3
No. of Students:80

Course code LEH8429
Classroom: 3
No. of Students: 52

My P
hilosophy in Teaching

I try to teach the materials of the course book in a way that there is a much time and space for students to discuss and participate in the lesson. I will consider students' presence, participation and writing reports in distributing the marks of the subject. I will also give them example questions in advance so as for them to be familiarized with the nature and the style of the questions that I will use to evaluate the teaching subject. I will teach the material in a friendly circumstance.