At the FEDU, DXXX, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Biography of the Prophet Mohammad. BPR8413

Biography of the Prophet Mohammad BPR8413
Stage: 2nd 
Classroom: hall-2
No. of Students: 80

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

I try sincerely to convey the related material knowledge and information to my students so as to be knowledgeable, clever and active in their field in the future. I appreciate the student’s efforts and I respect them in classes equally as well as I encourage them to ask me whatever they do not understand from the material that I teach so that I can repeat what they have not understand. I am very pleased and happy with clever and active students. Hence, I encourage all the students in my classes to be active. Moreover, at the end of each class of mine I dedicate five minutes for questions and answers between me students in order to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding among the students from the provided subject.