Academic Profile

Kakahan Nasradin

Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
- Full name: M. Kakakhan Nasradin Amin
- Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer
- Bachelor: I have got my BA at Mustansiriya University in 1980/ Baghdad, in the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences, at the Islamic Studies Department.
- Master: majoring in (Principles of Jurisprudence) Entitled ( The Msyar marriage in the Sharia and Law ), at Koya University in the Sharia Departpmen/ Koya/ Iraq, in 2009 .
- Occupation: Assistant Lecturer at the University of Koya / Faculty of Education.
- Participated in several seminars and courses at Koya University.
- Except for Master's thesis, I have published two Journal Articles, which are
- The Plight of Imam (Abi Al-Hassan Al-Shazli) and the Impact on Spreading his Ideas.

Research Interests

Kakakhan's research interest includes the following fields;
Islamic Thought.
Comparative religious studies.

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