I am teaching tow courses namely;

Cousre 1 (NCD8614 )
Stage: 2nd
Classroom:  hall NO. 3
No. of Students: 39
Course Book:.Nutrition and Children's Diseases  

Cousre 2 (ETK8618 
Stage: 3rd
Classroom: hall no. 4 
No. of Students:42 
Course Book:Education Technology in kindergarten 

Cousre 3 (    psy8626
Stage: 4th
Classroom: hall no. 5 and 6
No. of Students:90 
Course Book:  Psychophysiology

My philosophy in Teaching


  Every one of us has specific way in teaching, so I believe that we can learn students with sub way according the material, some time I explain and some time we are doing debate , and I believe that student participating is too important.