Academic Profile

Jafar Abdullah Ali Dalo
Department of Petroleum Engineering
Tel. +964(0)7701046197 
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Outline Biography

I am currently working as a senior lecturer at both Departments Manufacturing and Petroleum Engineering / Faculty of Engineering at Koya University. In addition I am supervising a master student project at the Department of Petroleum and Energy Engineering/ Sulemani Polytechnic University. I am very interested researcher in modelling and simulation, working on projects relating to energy and environment such as oil fields flare investigations, pipeline design and Bio-Diesel. I received my BSc in Mechanical Engineering in 1999 from the University of Baghdad, after five years of work in industries in Iraq, Kurdistan and UK, started my postgraduate studies. In 2006 i received MSc in Engineering Design; in 2011 i have got PhD in Fluid Flow both at the University of Huddersfield, Yorkshire Region, to the north of England / UK. I started research career during my master study in the field of thermo-fluids, the work that I have done attracted British Waterways Ltd to sponsor me for further studies. The above company with the University of Huddersfield have funded me for PhD studies, and did it successfully. During that period I involved in 5 research and development projects ranging from modelling the heat diffusion of the discharge plume from BBC Mailbox “centre of Birmingham” plant system and related research projects to the development of a model for British Waterways to predict the heat diffusion of any discharge plume and to be an alternative to ISIS model. I have also done a project for Enviro-Energy in the city of Nottingham to model the heat distribution from the Plant Room into canal. Furthermore i carried out a project for Kirklees College to have a license from Environment Agency to use canal water for cooling purposes. I moved to Europe in 2001, lived 10 years there, i have spent also 5 years of my life in Baghdad and 2 years in Slemani. I have seen many countries across the world and met people from different backgrounds, cultures and nations. I am speaking, reading and writing the languages Kurdish, Arabic, English and Turkish.

Research Interests

I interested in research work in the fields of Energy and Environments, focusing on modelling and simulations. Currently i am working on projects to develop Kurdistan pipelines for both oil and gas as well as oil fields Flare investigations.