At the FEDU, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Teaching Methods in kindergarten (TMK8619)
2. View and application (VIA8623)
3. Research Methodology (TME 8610)

Teaching Methods in kindergarten
Course code:  (TMK8619) 
Stage: 3rd Group: A-B
Classroom: 3
No. of Students: 42

View and application
Course code: VIA8623
Stage: 4th Group: A-B
Classroom: 5-6
No. of Students: 97

Research Methodology
Course code: TME 8610
Stage: 2nd 
Classroom: 3
No. of Students: 31

My P
hiosophy in Teaching

Learning to teach is a life-long process.  I see myself seeking opportunities to improve myself as a teacher. I am interested in teaching at the University level, and I believe in a student-centered. 
As a teacher, I encourage critical thinking, problem solving and academic performance, and try to create learning experiences that make the subject meaningful and understandable, also I incorporate technology where appropriate.
Classroom management is essential to creating a positive learning environment.
I want my students to know that they are important contributors to the class.
It is important that I assess what I teach. Sometimes I walk around and monitor student work time, checking what the students are doing.