Academic Activities

Conferences Attended:

  1.  Revitalizing Research in Kurdistan International Conference (16/12/2010).
  2.  Rehabilitation of Iraq Higher Education System (1-2 March/2011)
  3.  IIT Conference about : Modern Teaching Methodology (28-30 January/2013)
  4. Koya Uni. Conference about : Ecology (15 April/2014)
  5. Ministry of Education Conference about : Education (9 May/2015)
  6.  Koya Uni. Conference about : Anfal (6 May/2014)

Workshope Attended:

·      DeLPHE Program about Quality Assurance Training Sessions About: (Quality Assurance and Accreditation for Higher Education in Kurdistan/Iraq) Held in USA - October 30, 2011 – November 13, 2011.

Training Courses Attended:

-          Training Course on the Methods of Teaching at the University of Koya

-      A Training Course on the Methods of Teaching at the Secondary Schools in Suleimaniyah. 

Scientific supervision:

Supervising two Master’s Students in the field of (General Methods of Teaching). (Sherein Saeed Kareem & Seber Rzgar Razaq). (2013-2014)

(NOTE: I have received Four official letters of thanks and appreciation from minister of Higher Education and Research ministry, and received Six official letters of thanks and appreciation from Koya  University Council)


  1. Head of The Teaching Methods Course Committee (from oct.2004 until now).
  2. Director of Teaching Quality Assurance at University of Koya (from oct.2010 until mar.2013).
  3. Member of supervising staff of examination process in the college.
  4. Member of Scientific Committee in the Department of Psychology.
  5. Preparing translated book in Educational Psychology, Teaching Methods, Curriculum, Measurement and Evaluation, Physiological Psychology