At the FSCH, DPHY, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Second years (Atomic physics)
2.Second years  (practical Atomic physics)
3. fourth years (practical nuclear physics)

Course code(Atomic physics)
Stage: Second years
Classroom:  6101&6102.
No. of Students: 35

Course code
(Atomic physics)
Second years 
m: 6101&6102
No. of Students: 35

Course code
Stage: xxx 
Classroom: xxxx
No. of Students: xx

My P
hliosophy in Teaching

Effective teaching in science can be broken down into three basic components.The first is the transfer of important concepts, not details, to the students. Too often, students, particularly those new to a field of study, spend most of their study time trying to memorize facts and formulas without being able to separate the key ideas from details. It is paramount and I emphasizing it. these concepts, because a student who truly understands the basis of a subject will always be able to find and apply the needed formulas, while students who lack this basic understanding will leave the course with zero gain The second component of effective teaching is showing the students how to solve problems. Once they 

have been equipped with the needed concepts and the resources to find the needed details of the problem, they must learn how to apply this knowledge

I presented problems and their solutions in a variety of ways to account for the different learning styles students For the students to be able to fully appreciate the field, they must be taught to ask the new and important questions. It is vital for them to be able to solve problems posed by others, but I feel that the greatest result of effective teaching is a student who is able to successfully continue study in the field on their own.