Academic Profile

Dr. Ismail Rammadhan Mohammed

      Lecturer in the Department of physics 

(+964) - 7508281747
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography

Outline Biography

Ismail is lecturer in the Department of physics, where he joined the work at Koya University since 2007. Before that he was a teacher, Ministry of education at the Hallo secondary school.He gained a B.Sc. degree in physics from Al- Mosul University in 1991,M.Sc. degree in nuclear physics from Mosul University in 2007 and PhD. degree in nuclear physics from Koya University in 2017. 


Research Interests
Ismail's research interest includes the following .
1. Estimation of the Uranium and Radon Contents Level in Some types of Toothpastes Used in Iraq.
2. Estimation of Uranium and Radon Concentration in Some Types of Milk Used in Iraq . 
3. Thermoluminescence characteristics of Cu2O doped Calcium Lithium borate glass irradiated with the cobalt-60 gamma rays. Journal of Luminescence 186(2017)117–122
4.The effect of Na2O co-doping on the TL characteristics and kinetic parameters of Cu-doped calcium lithium borate glass irradiated
     with the cobalt-60 gamma rays, 6 MeV electron and 6 MV X-ray photon.Radiation Physics and Chemistry,151 (2018) 90-98
5. A study on optical, spectroscopic and structural properties of copper doped calcium lithium borate glasses.Journal of optics, polished online 16 August(2020)

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