At the FENG, DARE, I am teaching three courses namely;
1. Architectural Design (ARD5026)  
2. Estimation and Professional Practice (EPP5045)
At Ishik University, College of Engineering, DARE, I am teaching two courses namly;
1. Architectural Design IV (ARCH 411/B)
2. Estimation and Specification 5th Stage (ARCH 515/A)

Stage: 4th
Classroom: F1 DH4
No. of Students: 20

Stage: 5th
Classroom: F1 DH4
No. of Students: 17

ARCH 411/B 
Stage: 4th
Classroom: 209
No. of Students: 43

ARCH 515/A
Stage: 5th
Classroom: 307
No. of Students: 45

My Phiosophy in Teaching

Philosophy of teaching is to start with students and finished the lesson with them, the goal is to teach the students. Know the level of the knowledge by students in this field and then start to education, to try to create an atmosphere tutorial is the hall and take advantage of the views of students when explaining the article. An attempt to create discussions among students and in collaboration with teaching staff for the purpose of reach the main objective of the lesson is to deliver information to the student's mind.