At the FEDU, DRBC, I am teaching three courses namely 
2-(Quran Sciences(code)
3_Ancient and modern rhetorical studies 

Course code
Stage: 3th
Classroom:15 (Hall no.)
No. of Students:35

Course code
Classroom: 3
No. of Students:35

Course code
Classroom: 2
No. of Students: 40
My P
hiosophy in Teaching

    Researcher finds that sums up his philosophy in several points
1- Create motivation among students to get up the task of creating an atmosphere of competition between them and access to targets
2- The development of an educational program assigns the student to take advantage of his time has been possible .
3- Provide a summary of the subject lines Aerydhan who teaches at the next lecture and guide Atalibbgah preparation and thus achieve more communication between the student and the article
4- Emphasis on daily attendance and active participation in the lecture hall
5- Assigning students have daily reports and weekly Ewalchehrih and regarded as a part of the annual evaluation or quarterly to give the final score.