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  1. Aesthetic structure in the Sufi poetry of the third century until the eighteenth century (printed book)
  1. Beauty mattresses in Anecdotes kind of Abdul Karim Jili 
  2. اThe narcissistic (self-love)) in Sufi poetry 
  3. The voice of self-consciousness in Mirrors Bijan poet Ala Almaadida
  4. Manifestations of antagonism in Alvsar words Ba Ba Taher El-Erian's
  5. Gratitude mattresses in Baba Taher El-Erian words   
Conference Papers 
  1.  Mysticism and its impact on the Kurdish Alalmojtma. Held under the auspices of Kirkuk and Cultural Association in collaboration with Ke Rmaan University in Kalar
  2. Manifestation of divine love when Sufis poets in the Arab and Kurdish literatures - comparison - study_Second International Conference for cultural exchange between Iraq and Iran _ then - Tehran