Academic Profile

Dr.Hishyar Zeki Hassen

 Assistant Professor of Arabic literature Faculty  of Education, Department of Arabic Language
(+964) - 07501186760
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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Outline Biography
Hishaar is an assistant professor in Arabic literature.He won a master's degree in Arabic literature from the University of Mosul in the Faculty of Arts in 2003.He then joined the University of Koya .his teaching in the Department of Arabic Language in the College of Education.And two years later he took over the task of Section decision. In 2010, he awarded a doctorate in Arabic literature. In his letter (aesthetic structure in Sufi poetry from the second century until the eighth century AD) and excellent grade.He took over the presidency of the section in the Department of Arabic Language. And still hold the position. 

Research Interests
hishyar's research interest includes the following fields
1- Studies in Sufi poetry
2-Studies in Arabic rhetoric
3-Studies in Islamic Philosophy

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