At the FHSS, DLAW, I am teaching one courses namely;
1. Human Rights  (HRD7007)

Course code
Stage: 1
Classroom: (Hall no.3 & 4)
No. of Students: 97

My philosophy in Teaching or Principles in Teaching and Learning :

The College supports teaching and learning which involves:

  • preparing new entrants to the legal profession, by equipping them with sound legal knowledge, the conceptual ability to solve legal problems, practical legal skills, and ethical awareness; and
  • meeting the needs of practising lawyers, and law firms, for advanced learning programmes that
    • address new knowledge and new concepts at the leading edge of professional practice, and
    • support effective law practice management, and the delivery of legal services to the community, and
  • providing quality, career enhancing learning experiences for all participants in all programs

The College’s objectives in teaching and learning fall into three categories:

1) Legal Professional Practice

  • make explicit the core values of the legal profession
  • are relevant to professional practice in different contexts
  • reflect current law and legal practice
  • promote best legal practice
  • integrate work-based and academic learning
  • enable College graduates to participate actively and responsibly in a diverse and changing profession.

2) Legal Education Best Practice

The College will provide programs that:

  • are student focussed
  • are informed by analysis of student learning outcomes and other data
  • are informed by relevant research and scholarship
  • use active learning strategies to engage students
  • incorporate flexible learning technologies
  • provide professional mentoring and support to students
  • deliver practical and professionally relevant content
  • are well organised and structured
  • use assessment practices that support and enhance student learning
  • are benchmarked wherever relevant with appropriate institutions engaged in similar academic fields or activities
  • are facilitated by appropriately experienced and qualified lecturers with ongoing access to professional development.

3) Legal Professional Ethics

The College will provide programs that:

  • give effect to the importance of academic integrity
  • provide leadership and scholarship in professional ethics
  • actively promote the principles of ethical behaviour in practice
  • reflect current issues and research in professional legal ethics
  • incorporate professional ethics directly or indirectly
  • are delivered by staff who are professional role models
  • encourage College graduates to be active and responsible legal professionals who contribute to the service of the community and the administration of justice.