Academic Profile

Dr. Hewa Hameed

Associate Professor of Microwave and 
Communication Engineering
(+964) -07504528133
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography
  Born in 1968 in Erbel, Completed Primary,Middle and Junior high schools in Erbel.Then Complented by the Central Institute for teachers in 1994, In the same year Desigilated teacher in Balisan school.In the year 1997 Accepted in the Department of history - Faculty of Arts - University of salahaddin , and completed in 2001. Then in the yaer 2003 Accepted Master study in history department of Education college - University of Mosul and completed in 2006.Then Desigilated teacher in Central Institute of teachers. In the year2008 transfer my service to the University of Koya. Then in the year 2010 Accepted in PHD study in the history Department - Faculty of Arts - University of salahaddin, and completed in 2014 . Now im teacher in the history department - Education college -University of Koya.

Research Interests
- Kurdish Contemporary history.
-Turkey Contemporary history.

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