Academic Profile

Assistant Lecturer of Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors
        (+964) 7501531810
       Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq
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My ORCID Page :0000-0002-2367-2980

Outline Biography
Hemn was born in Goptapay Shahidan in 1988. He is currently an assistant lecturer of physics in the Department of physics, where he has joined the work since 2009.Hemn qualified with a BSc in Theoretical Physics in 2009, with the standard good(79%) and rank 1st out of graduate students from Koya University. He went on to study the MSc in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors at the University of Birmingham and graduated there in 2013.

Research Interests
I am interested in:
Nuclear Physics
Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Energy
Radioisotope power generators
Nuclear weapons
Hydrogen production via nuclear reactors

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