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  1. Provisions of urgency in worship comparative study between the Sunni and Shiite sects
  2. Signals of human development at the Grand Mullah notice
  1. Freedom in the three religions
  2. Dispute and coexistence in the contemporary philosophical thought
  3. Political freedom and contemporary political systems
  4. Political persuasion
  5. Manifestations of violence in religions
  6. Humanity in contemporary political systems
Conference Papers 

1- the makasseds thought and its relation with the concepts of interests through Mohammad bin Abdullah known as ( Malay Gawra ) .

2- Guidance of personal decency of prophetic talk .

3- Formation of political parties between Islamic and positive legislation .  

4- political opposition between the sharia and law.

5- Freedom of expression ( the study of historical and legitimate from an Islamic perspective)

6- Freedom to choose president ( vision comparison between the purposes of shariah and political situation )

7- the purposes of Islamic law ( after a new miracle of the Koran ) .

8- the role of the mother tongue in keeping five necessities . 

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