Academic Profile

Dr.Hemin A .Braym

Assistant Professor of Islamic philosophy and constitutional studies and contemporary political
(+964) -7503155657
Koya - Kurdistan - Iraq

Outline Biography

D. hemin azez braym .

Present position :  Lecturer at koya university .

Scientific Title : Assistant Professor


2011; PHD ( Majoring in Islamic philosophy / comparative jurisprudence contemporary Political Systems and Constitution Situation . ( purposes of Islamic Law ) from University of Sulaimani ….

 2006 : M.A majoring in comparative jurisprudence from koya university .

 2003 : First Class BA from salahaddin university Facalty of shariha .


1-  Lecturer at koya university Facalty of Education .

2-  Department  of Religious Education decision .

3- Dirctorate of Quality Assurance in Education Faculty .

4- Member of the Scientific Committee in the Department of Religious Education

Academic Publications

1- the makasseds thought and its relation with the concepts of interests through Mohammad bin Abdullah known as ( Malay Gawra ) .

2- Guidance of personal decency of prophetic talk .

3- Formation of political parties between Islamic and positive legislation .  

4- political opposition between the sharia and law.

5- Freedom of expression ( the study of historical and legitimate from an Islamic perspective)

6- Freedom to choose president ( vision comparison between the purposes of shariah and political situation )

7- the purposes of Islamic law ( after a new miracle of the Koran ) .

8- the role of the mother tongue in keeping five necessities .

9- signals of human development through Malaigawras poetry .

          -    his posts effective ( scientific research ) in several seminars and scientific conferences and literary help inside and outside the Kurdistan region of Iraq .

            - Author and media, his reviews and articles religious, philosophical and political and social in several magazines and newspapers printed and electronic. Prepared and submitted to the program "horizons of science" in a television channel .

Research Interests
Hemin's research interest includes the following fields;
1.Islamic Thought...
2.Comparative religious studies
3- Contemporary Political Studies
4- Studies in maqaseed of shareha .
5-Studies on the social and religious toleranceز
6- Social and political philosophy.
7- Journalistic work in the field of dissemination of culture
8- Lecturing in the bodies and organizations of the Enlightenment, literary research

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